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7 Best Snacks For Hiking

When you are out for a whole day It’s amazing how much energy you use, and it can be difficult sometimes to keep your energy levels up! It is so important to eat the right foods. As outdoor adventurers, we need snacks that will keep us fueled for the long haul. We are not looking for a burst of energy for an hour workout – we need sustained energy levels all day.

Hiking snacks should be portable, compact, easy to eat on-the-go, and calorie- and nutrient-dense and there is no reason why they can’t be yummy too. Try to be efficient with packing, so you also do not have to take everything out of your bag to reach a snack. Consider having a separate side or front pocket for food. Experienced hikers say it is best to eat little and to eat often.



1. An oat based cookie, we love anzac biscuits as they contain oats which are low GI (release energy slowly)

2. A Vegemite sandwich- sometimes you can get a little over the sweet stuff and the salt and Vitamin B in vegemite is great too for replacing electrolytes

3. Trail mix – make your own, try adding in a little dark chocolate with dried fruit coconut flakes and mixed nuts

4. Muesli slice, or bar – these are super easy to make and you can then add whatever fruit and nuts you prefer

5. Banana bread or carrot cake, again sometimes you just want something with a little more substance!

6. Cheese and crackers (who doesn’t like cheese and crackers!) you can either buy the individual packet or save your money and cut up your own and use zip lock bags to store

7. Apples & bananas- low GI, you will get a healthy sugar hit AND they are easy to carry!