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This is our story…


In 2008, after losing over 45kg, Tracey wanted to help other people get fit and lose weight. She set up an outdoor fitness group and started one-on-one training in the local park to motivate and help other people feel better about themselves. Within a few months, Adrian had seen the group on his way to work and joined in one week. On his first session, he smashed the first lap of the oval, did 8 push-ups then flopped onto the ground and stayed hidden under a tree for the rest of the session feeling nauseous. He quickly learnt that fitness is relative to what you do.

The exercise clients quickly grew into a very supportive and encouraging community of people who looked forward to their fitness and great friendships developed. A little while later, Adrian needed a rogaining race partner, told Trac it would be a fun event and made her run around the forest at night for 12hrs!. Eventually the memories faded, and with Adrian driving and encouraging their fitness outdoors and both of them creating personal and common goals, the addiction of racing and friendship would see them entering many more races together from ultra marathons to multi-day races to short fun runs.

With the growing community, tracey then opened the Take Shape Health & Fitness personal training studio in Alphington, and with both of them taking classes. As they kept racing and taking part in adventures, they kept  on the path of encouraging others to join in, and watched the benefits that came from encouraging others to lift their goals and get out of their comfort zones.

In 2014 after a race and full of endorphins was the moment TSA was born. Of course it was Tracey’ s idea (she’s an ideas kind of person). They both knew they loved being outdoors and getting others get outside as well, and it was decided to make an adventure weekend for all the clients and friends that trained at the studio. After a tedious year of organising, 6am meetings before classes, breakfasts at the studio, planning, detailing, timelines, staffing and everything else that was needed, they successfully took 26 people on the very first Adventure Weekend with the help of the studio staff. From that weekend, TSA has continued to roll forward, with more and more day hikes being added to the list, then more adventure weekend, mud runs, adventure races and a host of outdoor pursuits.

Fast forward through the years and TSa continues to grow from strength to strength, supported by wonderful staff, and more importantly backed by an incredibly awesome community of people of all types of fitness, shape, gender and size. They’ll be honest, this massive community following was never envisioned and an important business focus is to now ensure they provide the goals and purpose to ensure those people can continue to believe in themselves and have opportunities to explore and push their comfort zones knowing they are always supported.

And now, from a passion of fitness and the love of the outdoors, an international business has developed and Tracey and Adrian continue to focus all their energy, enthusiasm and ideas into making sure that TSA remains at the forefront of community adventure. Providing you with endless opportunities to run through mud, or travel through the desert or walk with your friends. They continue to inspire their four kids, and promote Take Shape Adventures as the place to go when you want a safe and supportive business that encourages everyone to grow for themselves and as a community, to get outdoors, to find a purpose and expand comfort zones…


…and they hope you can join in.

Creating memories that last a lifetime

Hayley Cairns

Admin & Digital Management

The travel bug bit early for me and taken me on some incredible adventures around the world. I am mainly behind the scenes here at TSA, making sure you’ve got the info for your trips & your questions answered.

John Sanderson

Outdoor Leader

Throughout school, my main areas of interest were running and rowing. My continued love of the outdoors and long term involvement with TSA allows me to head to my favorite places and spend time with you!

Stephanie Rogers

Outdoor Leader

As the youngest TSA team member, I bring a huge amount of enthusiasm and smiles to your TSA adventure. You can rely on me to be there with a word of encouragement to get you over each hurdle.

Marianne Sparks

Group Leader

I gave hiking a go when I was young but gave it up after doing it all wrong and carrying way too much of the wrong stuff. Things have now changed…

Gabby MacMillan

Group Leader

I love hiking, dogs and yoga (not necessarily in that order … it depends on the day!). My interest in the outdoors began at a pretty early age on our family’s farm.

Tracey Wright

Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Take Shape including the Adventures and our Alphington based studio, I get to live and breathe health, fitness and the outdoors.

Adrian Infanti


As the Director of Take Shape Adventures, I get to do what I love doing, and get to take you with me! I believe that exercise should be practical and purposeful eventuating in people using their fitness to enjoy the great outdoors.

Sandy Petersen

Group Leader

It wasn’t until I took a leap of faith and left a well paid, secure job that I realised what I was doing was literally sucking the life out of me.  I was overworked, overweight and over it! 

Daniel Green

Group Leader

I’ve always had a passion for the natural world and adventure. As TSA’s newest recruit I hope to enable you to share amazing experiences together be it hiking, kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing or

Jessica Perkins

Communications & Operations Manager

I love traveling and discovering new places. I get to combine this with my passion for health and fitness and then share it with others

Dyllon Mackie

Group Leader

I’ve always been an outdoors person. As a kid, right through until now. Rain, hail or shine, I’m almost always outside. ​​