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Getting Back On The Bike!


Unless you are a keen cyclist, there is a chance that its been awhile since you rode a bike……. perhaps even going as far back as childhood! What was such a regular mode of transportation as a kid slowly phases out as life speeds up we opt for cars and public transport to get around.
There are so many benefits to getting back on the bike, here are some of the main ones below:

Low Impact Exercise:
Cycling is one of the best forms of low impact exercises you can do. For those with weak ankles or knees, it is the perfect way to get your heart rate up, use your muscles and increase your fitness with the least amount of strain on your joints. It is an activity that all levels of fitness can partake in!

Getting Out and About:
Cycling is an excellent way go exploring! You can find a scenic bike path in almost every city and along coastal roads.… fresh air, exercise, scenery, discovery…… what more could you want?

People of all ages can get involved with cycling… it’s an ideal activity that the kids can do with mum and dad, grandma and grandpa, and a group of friends. Stop for a coffee, take in the sights, plan your next cycling adventure together.

Environmentally friendly:
Not only is cycling good for you, its also really good for Mother Nature! Reduce your carbon footprint and feel good about your contribution to the better treatment of the environment.

Even if you haven’t ridden in a long time, our upcoming day cycling adventures are the perfect opportunity to get back on the bike and rediscover the freedom, fun and fitness that cycling provides!

Yes, you may fall, yes you may get a scratch or a bruise… but the saying ‘It’s just like riding a bike’ didn’t come from nowhere! You will be thrilled to realise it’s just as easy as it looks, and a lot of fun.
You could get on and after the first few wobbles, smash it, love it and get that feeling…..that high that only comes when you get out of your comfort zone!
So come join us either for the day rides or for the weekend, or do both, and get back on your bike and have some fun, getting fit, laughing whilst making new friends.

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