0400 307 130 hello@takeshapeadventures.com.au
0400 307 130 hello@takeshapeadventures.com.au

Mid Week Walks

Join us for a mid week walk!

Got the day off, owe yourself a mental health day, or simply just need to spend some time investing in yourself? The answer is easy, join us for a bit of Bush Therapy! Our mid-week day walks are designed to give you that much-needed break from the city, and the daily grind, and allow you the time to feel the sunshine and some fresh air. Amongst some stunning bushland scenery, you will socialise with a fantastic, and supportive, group of people who are all in need of a good old session of Bush Therapy just like yourself.

You Yangs Mid Week

Need a mental health day, or simply a timeout and some you time to recharge? Or perhaps you are looking for a treat for yourself! Regardless of the reason, join us for a Mid Week walk, and enjoy some bush therapy!

Werribee Gorge – Mid Week

For those of you who have been craving a dose of beach through the winter, this walk is for you! Although a challenging walk at Grade 4, we can honestly say it is also the most rewarding.