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0400 307 130 hello@takeshapeadventures.com.au

Overnight Hikes FAQ

Don't worry about gear, food or details - that's our job. Just bring your enthusiasm and a willingness to have a go

Our goal is to ensure you have an awesome trip, and make memories that will last. We add a range of features into all our trips so you can experience it all.

Our tours are opportunities! They are designed for you to relax, have fun, explore and immerse yourself in multi-day experiences that forge new friendships. We walk, kayak, cave, trek, abseil, whilst exploring the majestic sights. Our trips are fully catered with nutritious healthy meals, fully chauffeured, and expertly guided. We plan so you can enjoy!

What gear do I need to bring?

Apart from bringing your own sleeping bag, we can assist with everything else!.  We can arrange equipment or assist you to purchase suitable equipment for any outdoor activity. So don’t let equipment stand in the way of your adventure. We also provide a complete pack list, plus a little side list of what not to bring!

What is provided?

We provide all dinners, lunches, breakfasts, morning and afternoon tea and all snacks for the event. We also supply all the cooking equipment and prepare your meals for you – what service!

What should I not bring?

We know you’re new to this, but please remember you have to carry what you bring. So NO spare food, extra extra clothes, spare shoes, radios, speakers, makeup cases, unnecessary toiletries, mirrors, phone chargers, big books, kindles, iPads etc etc etc. Everyone carries a bit of food, so make sure you leave some space in your rucksack.

What does the cost include?

The cost for the event includes all the usual things like bookings, permits, park entry and camping fees. It also includes car pooling assistance, our supportive and motivating guides plus all your food for the entire hike. If you need, we can also supply your tent, mat and rucksack so all you need is some clothes. Our guides also carry all the cooking equipment, plus most of the food and we even prepare it for you!

How hard will it be?

We won’t sugarcoat it, overnight hiking can be hard work! But you know what, the reward is ALWAYS worth it and every one of our clients has revelled in their accomplishment. The biggest factor is overnight hiking is not the walking, not the terrain, or the distance – it’s carrying the rucksack. So our suggestion is to grab a bag, fill it up with stuff and start going for walks.

Will there be toilets and showers?

Mmmm, sometimes… Depending on which walk you book into, some walks have toilet facilities and some require you to go bush. There are NO shower facilities on an overnight hikes, however there are rivers, streams, and beaches though 🙂

Do I need to bring a rain jacket?

Yes, we strongly recommend bringing a rain jacket if inclement weather is expected during the event.

Do I need hiking poles?

No. You are welcome to bring them if you have them, however they are not mandatory.