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Packless Hiking- What Is It And Why Should I Do It?


It is one of our most popular types of hiking, and this is why: 

1- You can walk further with no extra weight 

Leaving the rucksack at home means you can walk lighter, further and less chance of discomfort!

2- Sleep in a comfy bed and have a hot shower at the end of your hike 

Is there anything better than a long hot shower for your muscles and joints after a full day of hiking? Absolute bliss! Getting a quality night’s sleep in a comfy bed & waking refreshed and ready to tackle the next day’s adventure on the trail is the best start. 

3- You get to eat slightly better food

As much as we love camp food, the variety can be limited due to the ability to only carry        certain foods that won’t spoil, can be transported easily and require minimal preparation. Sitting    down to a meal at your accomodation is guaranteed to be a slightly better culinary experience! 

4- If you have an injury or prone to injury 

As you get older, the niggles and flare ups in shoulders, backs and other areas are not condusive to carrying a heavy backpack. Packless hiking tours means you don’t have to miss out on the experience just because you can’t carry a backpack! 

5- Because why not? Sometimes we want both and can do both! 

If you love hiking but also love your creature comforts, this is the type of trip for you. Best of both worlds!

Ready to try one for yourself?