0400 307 130 hello@takeshapeadventures.com.au
0400 307 130 hello@takeshapeadventures.com.au


Become a confident adventurer with our

Training Sessions

Navigating is one of the most important parts of hiking and bushwalks and need not be the hardest part.

We will teach you the basic concepts of orienteering and topographic maps, explain what you need to know to get around a course and find those all-important checkpoints. We also have practice courses for you and tips for including navigation into your everyday training.

Bushwalking Equipment & Info Evening

This a hands on, fun session where you can ask any question you like, feel the gear and discuss what works best for you. A great evening to come along and learn about hiking equipment

Navigation Training – Map & Compass

The skills of reading a map and using a compass are an essential for bushwalking, and having these skills means relying less on your phone and being stuck when it runs out of battery.

Smartphone Photography & Hiking Workshop

On this picturesque walk, you’ll learn the fundamentals of smartphone photography, such as camera use, composition, focus, exposure, creative techniques, working with natural light, post-production, and much more.

Bush Navigation Training Day

This walk will be a variety of both on and off-track with full reliance on our navigation skills to get to certain pre-marked features and challenges.