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Wellness in the workplace

Creating a healthy, happy and engaging workplace is so important regardless of size. Considering how much the average Australian spends at work, using key strategies we can increase a sense of wellness (wellbeing)

Sessions – Can be either run as a 1-hour express workshop or a more interactive in-depth session last between 2 – 4 hours depending on participants numbers


that we can provide your team

Mindful eating workshop

Our qualified Nutritionist will provide real and practical advice on how to eat better and set realistic plans that are honest and relatable. Helping employees make better food choices will leave everyone feeling healthier and more in control with food choices.

Wellness in the workplace

Designed by our Health Coach, PT and Nutritionist we take you through a series of mindfulness and wellness practices to help your workplace implement strategies to create a healthier happier environment. These practices can be implemented in the office and at home.

Workplace fitness activities

Our PT has developed specific exercises, stretches and friendly competitions that can be implemented in a work environment. It is scientifically proven that the fitter and more active you are,  the more productive you are. Workplace injuries are less likely with increased muscle tone/fitness resulting in less time off work and WorkCover claims.

What are the benefits ?

More Productive

A few years ago Medibank published a study finding employees that were happy were nearly 3 x more productive. Feelings of inclusion, attention to employee wellbeing and healthy practices within the workplace were key factors in contributing to feelings of workplace satisfaction and happiness.


Virgin Pulse (research group) found that  87% of potential employees thought that wellness and healthy workplaces were an important factor in determining their employer of choice. Given that the average Australian spends 40.6 hours at work per week,  a health-conscious workplace is vital to a person’s overall sense of wellbeing.


Sharing wellness practices like eating together and team bonding exercises bring a more human element to the workplace to encourage communication and feelings of inclusion. The more inclusive a workplace is, the better the quality of communication between employees and management.


Australians are some of the worst in the world when it comes to taking a ‘sickie’ one expert says. The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the average public sector worker takes 8-9 days of sick leave annually. Sick days are estimated to cost the economy $30 billion per year. One way to encourage employees to take less time off work is to focus on their sense of wellbeing and encourage  healthy practices to foster a sense of security at work.


Creating an environment where employees feel engaged and looked after can improve business performance.  Positive employees are productive employees!


Employee turnover is costly. Feeling connected to a workplace and organisation is often cited as a more common reason for staying with an organisation that their salary. By increasing the focus on employee wellbeing you are fostering an increased sense of loyalty

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