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0400 307 130 hello@takeshapeadventures.com.au

What Is ‘The Right Time’ Anyway?


We tend to say this a lot when considering making a commitment. 

The funny thing is about the right time, is it never seems to come along. Well not exactly how we envision it. Something always seems to come up and take priority. Well, we’ve got some good news for you – IT’S TAX RETURN TIME!!

Yes, yes we know. The bathroom could use some paint. The microwave could be updated. But what if you decided to spend money on an experience instead? Something that makes you both nervous and excited? When was the last time you had butterflies in your stomach? 


It’s safe to assume you won’t be dreaming about the new vacuum cleaner you got while on your deathbed, so make sure you are not missing out on the most important things in life- adventure, excitement, new experiences, challenges and relationships. 

I don’t like to throw around the ‘Life is short’ cliche but for some, it can be. A working body and mind is a gift many take for granted. Use them both while you can. The feeling of doing something for the first time…..new sights, smells, feelings, and not least of all, that feeling you get when something was out of your comfort zone but you did it anyway- it is one of the greatest feelings you’ll ever experience! So before you spend your tax return on the should do’s, take a moment to consider the value.

We promise an adventure with us will make you richer.