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When should I replace my footwear?

Everyone loves their old faithful boots…..they have moulded to the shape of your feet perfectly and are probably the most comfortable thing that you own. But does this mean they are good for you? Unfortunately not always…..

When should I replace them?
Well it goes without saying that if they have holes, the sole has worn down to nothing and you can feel gravel under your feet, its time to turf them. But many people think that because their boots are still intact and comfortable that they are still doing their job. However, there are a few tests and things that you should look out for to make sure that your feet and not only protected but receiving the vital support they need to get you around in the best way possible.

Heel and ankle support
If the cushioning around the heel and ankle is worn, this is not only bad for the support but can also be a fast track to those nasty blisters that can stop you in your tracks pretty quickly.

This may seem obvious but how often do you give you shoes/boots a once over to see if there’s any cracks in the soles…… breakages or strain in the mid sole can cause all kinds of problems for your feet without being immediately obvious.

The press test
Over time the mid sole will compress and lose its ability to spring back which offers the foot the cushioning and safety. The easiest and most effective way to test this is to put your thumb on the sole and press upwards towards the mid sole. If there are lots of heavy lines and little bounce back its also a sign that its time to replace.

If still in doubt, go and try on a new pair of boots. If the difference is overly noticeable- it could be time to turf your old beloveds and spring for a new pair!!